Candle Safety

Playing with fire is not a good idea. Everything you worked for can be destroyed in just seconds if you’re negligent of your belongings. Use this safety precaution for a safe burning of your candle: Trim the weick, keep an eye, open area, away from kids/pets, and free of debris.

Trim your wick 1/4 inch before each lighting of the candle. Why is trimming the wick important? Bigger wick means bigger flame. Sometimes, bigger isn’t better just like in candle. With a big flame, there’s a higher chance of catching something on fire and a black smoke. Keeping it trim will just avoid that. Plus, it’ll help slow the burning process of the wax.

ALWAYS keep candle in sight when in use. Keeping an eye on your candle is really important. You never know what kind of debris will come in contact with the flame. It could be an insect, a piece of lint, napkin, etc. You see, keeping the wick trimmed will go hand in hand with keeping an eye on the candle. As you read more towards the candle safety, you’ll learn why keeping an eye is really important.

NEVER burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire, such as: furniture, drapes, books, papers, and/or flammable materials. Where you place your candle is important, as well. Some of as place it on our night stand, living room table, dining table, etc. But do we notice what’s around the candle when we are placing it on the table? Do you have drapes around? furniture? papers lying around? You see, when you place a candle by the window in the living, window drapes can sway around the candle when the wind blow causing it to catch fire, especially if you have a long wick. Maybe you have your candle by a tissue box, a tissue can fly towards the candle when a gush of winds come inside the window or when someone is passing by. Knowing where you place your lit candle is important.

NEVER leave a burning candle unattended. Don’t light a candle then walk away or step out of the house. Extinguish the candle when leaving the room or before going to sleep. Always be around when you have your candle lit. Sometimes, when we leave the house, we tend to forget that we have a candle burning. You may have a pet inside the house and your pet might knock your candle over. It’s not safe.

NEVER burn a candle near open vents, ceiling fans and/or from drafts. Winds tend to blow stuff away. What are the chances that a paper or a napkin can fly towards the candle. It’s a safety hazard. Like I said earlier, a swaying drapes may catch on fire when there’s wind.

Candle, container and wax WILL get hot. Fire is hot. Container will get hot the longer the candle is lit. Keep the candle burning at a maximum of 4 hours. This prevents the container from exploding or cracking under the heat. When the candle is lit, don’t touch it or move it. Keep it untouched.

Keep it away from children and pets. Place it where children and pets can’t reach it. You don’t want your kids burning their hand or moving the candle or dropping the candle. It’s unsafe and it might start a fire.

Keep wax pool free from wick and other debris. What I mean by that is don’t put anything on the candle. It will catch fire.

So, how do you keep safe? Following these safety tips will help you burn your candle in a safe way: Trimming the wick 1/4 inch before lighting the candle, keeping burning candle in sight, not placing candle on or anything that can catch fire, not leaving burning candle unattended, burning candle in a well ventilated room, not burning candle in open vents or near drafts, keeping children and pets out of reach of the candle, not touching the candle jar while its burning and keeping candle free from any debri.s

Why is 4 hour candle burn recommended?

A newly lit candle has a “memory” on its own. If a candle isn’t burned within its recommended minimum burn time, it will not burn completely causing tunneling. When a full melt pool doesn’t happen, candle will burn through the center.

Tunneling is when a candle burn through the center leaving the side of the candle untouched. As a customer, you will feel cheated because the candle isn’t burning properly or there are wax unburned.

If a newly lit candle reached its full melt pool, meaning that the whole top is melted, then you know that it will burn completely. 4 hour is usually when the top layer of the candle is fully melted. After the first burn, you may burn candle at around 2 hr mark.

So, if you know that you’re not going to be able to burn the candle to its full potential or until the whole layer is melted then don’t light the candle. You have to melt the top wax completely.

Of course, do use precautions such as trimming the wick before lighting the wick. Make sure that it isn’t long, cut it to 1/4 inch.

How long before a candle is made?

A candle is typically made in about 30 minutes. However, what it takes a long time is the curing process.

Curing is the process in which a candle is solidified from wax to candle. This is a process in which all the ingredients incorporate as candle. Curing can take from 72 hours to 2 weeks. 72 hours is the minimum amount of time before the candle can be lit, this can also determine how strong the scent is.

Some candle maker will ship the candle after 24 hours. The reason for this is that shipping can take up to 3 days, which is the minimum amount of days for a good candle. Of course, candle maker wants the best scent for consumers.

The Road to PS5

What do we know about PS5?

PS5 is the next generation PlayStation, releasing in the late 2020, probably during the Holiday Season.

So what do we know about PS5?

There are few titles that have been confirmed. However, expect Sony’s franchises to be part of it.

There will be VR. Also, there is rumor about PSVR 2.

Will all of this, the price range will be between $399 and $499.

PS5 will be backwards compatible with almost all PS4 games.

So far, this is what we know.