Another great things to enjoy in the Philippines is the street foods. You can't leave the country without trying street foods. In my opinion, the authentic food can be food in the street, by someone who's grilling with charcoal or by sidecar, pedicab or tricycle, or by someone on foot.

One of the popular surfing destination is La Union. The water is clear, waves are perfect for surfing and the atmosphere is wonderful with great people.

From Manila, La Union is only about 6-7 hours of driving. It could've been faster if it weren't for traffic but traffic is for another topic. Drive was quick as we didn't stop for a long time, only for quick bathroom break.

The beach is clean, unpopulated with tourist like us, and plenty of friendly locals who helped us with surfing lessons. Also, the locals were able to point out great places to eat. Unfortunately, photos were long gone. Not only that but the water is clear, clean and calm but enough wave to actually surf.