Another great things to enjoy in the Philippines is the street foods. You can't leave the country without trying street foods. In my opinion, the authentic food can be food in the street, by someone who's grilling with charcoal or by sidecar, pedicab or tricycle, or by someone on foot.

In the morning, a rooster or a vendor yelling 'Taho', as they say 'Tahooooooo', will wake you up. First thing that you should do is buy the Filipino favorite breakfast. Taho is a soft tofu, pearl or small boba, caramel sweetener. It's cheap and you'll be amazed on how fast you can get Taho. I used to get two cups of this everyday because it's good and enjoyable and you can't get them anywhere else. Logic, right?

Kwek kwekFish ball

Now that you had breakfast, afternoon snack is next. Next thing on the list are: fishball and kwek kwek or something from a vendor in a sidecar. Kwek kwek is quail egg, fried with orange batter. Fish ball is, well, fish. I hope so. Get vinegar as the dipping sauce. And please, never double dip. Just ask for a container and a sauce and you can double dip by yourself. 

Might as well get kikiam from them too. It doesn't hurt when you try it, unless, it's contaminated then, oops, just buy Imodium. :) 

Ihaw ihawIsaw


You think you're finished eating? Think again, there is still night snack. Isaw, hotdog, pork skin, chicken feet. There's more ihaw ihaw to try. Since this is our late dinner, we decided to go to an eatery that cook street food. Get couple cups of rice and beer and enjoy eating.

Street foods are definitely a try when you go to the Philippines, you can't leave the country without trying it. If you're not fond of eating street food, go to an eatery that cooks these kinds of food. It's cleaner, but hey, where's the fun of that. It's like Russian Roulette, but Filipino style.

So in the morning, get Taho right when you wake up. Then get Kwek Kwek, Fishball, Kikiam, or whatever the vendor is cooking. Then at night, definitely eat isaw, hotdog, chicken feet, etc and down it with an ice cold beer.

Any food that you love to eat or would love to try?


0 #3 Den 2019-08-08 01:04
Quoting Jam:
May masarap malapit samin, pwede call to order ppara pag dating mo readi to eat na

Meron din samin. Ganyan din. madalas kami dun. sarap kasi
0 #2 Jam 2019-08-08 01:01
May masarap malapit samin, pwede call to order ppara pag dating mo readi to eat na
0 #1 Mark 2019-08-08 00:45
Gusto ko ng isaw!

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