Last week of the month, you're almost there! How are you feeling? Let's get to our workout.

  • Monday:
  • Tuesday:
    • Rest day
  • Wednesday:
  • Thursday:
    • Rest day! Grab a soda, just kidding, drink more water.
  • Friday:
    • Run 2000m or 5 laps around a track
      • For each lap, do:
        • 30 V ups
        • 30 push ups
        • 30 Air squats
  • Saturday:
    • Rest day. You're definitely sore. You're making progress!
  • Sunday:
    • You earned it. Grab something healthy to eat. Or maybe, a cheat day.


Congratulations! You finished 1 month of Couch to Tough Mudder, 2 more months to go. You can do it!

Click here for Couch to Tough Mudder month 2, week 1.


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