Swipe left. Swipe left. Swipe right. Swipe left. Swipe right.

Majority of people knows what Tinder and Match is. One is free and one is paid. What's similar among the two are they are both dating app. 


Free vs Paid


Free means that everyone gets to use it. Every one has access to using Tinder. In that case, those who are using the app are either to have fun or are bored. There are a lot of "extras" that was made for Tinder to help someone get lucky. Some are being creative that they made a contraption that swipe right to everyone, including ads. that they serve. Yes, you can pay for Tinder to help you, but the functionality of paying is not that great compared to Match. It allows you to go to other place and "super like" someone to help them notice you. That's about it for paying some service. From what I know, Tinder matches you with someone who has the same interest as you based on your Facebook profile.

On the other hand, Match is free, too. However, you can only look at profiles and browse, but you're not able to message someone, see their replies, and do other things to help you with that person. If you pay for their service, you're able to do such things, such as: you can see who view your profile, you can message them, wink at them, etc. Also, you are able to find someone who has similar likes based on your input.

In other words, paying for a service, definitely helps you find that special someone. Paying something means that you are serious enough. You're serious that you are paying for a service, it's not cheap nor expensive but it does show that you are somewhat serious.


Who uses them?

Younger generations usually use Tinder because it's on their phone, they don't really have to pay to use and find someone and majority of young adults uses them.

While those who uses Match are someone who looks for someone who are serious to start a family or start a relationship.

In my opinion, if you are at the age of 30s, I would suggest using Match as you will find someone more of your age. If you at the age of 22 and just looks to have fun, you would want to use Tinder.


To me, paying for a service to find someone who are serious in dating is a major plus. You're able to know who are willing to take time getting to know each other as they don't want to waste anymore time.



* This is not an advertisement. I'm not getting paid to write this article.