What is the candle’s ingredients?

  • It is 100% soy wax. There are no additives added.
  • Soy wax, fragrance oil and dye, if colored.

Do you make the candles?

  • We, Manila Candle, hand pour these candles. These candles are not machined poured or manufactured.

Where are you located?

  • Buena Park, CA

How long does this candles burn?

  • Candles can burn up to 50+ hours.

How long can I burn the candle?

  • First initial burn should be minimum of 2 hours.
  • Regular burn should be 4 hours maximum.
  • Anything after 4 hours will be unsafe.

My wicked moved from the center!

  • That means that you burned the candle to its maximum’s performance. Candle should be toss away.

Can I reuse your jar?

  • Of course! We encourage everyone to reuse the jar. Melt the candle and toss the liquid wax into the trash. DO NOT wash the jar in your sink, it will clog the pipe.
  • Wipe with paper towel and alcohol. You can wash with soap and water but not in the sink.

How do you create the name?

  • Everything is based through my experience in the Philippines. It could be through how fun, witty, easy-going Filipinos are. Sometimes, it can be how I interpret the Philippines in a positive way.