Grow your own Pineapple

This is probably the longest plant that I have to bear fruit. It’s going to be worth the wait.

Growing your own Pineapple from store bought is easy and simple.

First, twist the top of the pineapple until it’s separated then soak the fleshy part in water for couple days. Change the water regularly if you see it get dirty. You will then see roots grow out of the pineapple.

After your pineapple grows roots, stick it in a large pot, then water it. Water it daily. The leaves will turn brown then will bounce back to be green. Put it where it gets water daily and forget about it. Soon or after a year or so, you’ll have your own Pineapple.

If you buy pineapple weekly and plant all of them, you’ll have a year’s worth of Pineapple from your backyard. You probably don’t have to buy pineapple for a year.


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